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Holistic Service

Our full-scale service portfolio provides a solution to all your needs:
  • need analysis
  • learning habits tests
  • visual design
  •  ergonomic planning
  • content
  • software development

Awesome Apps

Deliver learning content in completely new ways:

  • 6 different applications supporting teaching and learning
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Inspiring students of every age
  • Mobile friendly

Fascinating Content

Get started fast, with state of the art teaching materials:

  • 5 different sets of teaching materials
  • 7000 exercises
  • 6000 media elements
  • 1000 learning units

True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery
We ‘re constantly on the search for new ideas and possibilities. The joy of learning and creating is what truly connects us with our clients, teachers and students.

How does it work?


1. Select a preassembled set


2. Copy or customize


3. Share with classes, students or parents


4. Work using cooperative techniques

Sounds too easy? We think that’s that the way things should be. Our mission is to provide the professional background, so you and your students can concentrate on the more important part: learning!

What can it do for you?

32 excersize types
can be edited in the program
7000 excersizes
included in the excersize bank right from the start
5 subject areas

  • Music
  • Visual Culture
  • Native & Foreign Language
  • Teaching learning
  • Physical Education

5 applications

  • Physical Education
  • Foreign Language
  • Writing texts
  • Visual Culture
  • Cooperative Techniques

Why is it different?

Each segment develops creativtiy and stimulates creation
Aids planning, yet gives freedom
Built on 35 years of research and the experience of hundreds of schools.
Optimized for interactive whiteboards, web and mobile

What is it good for?

Shortens teacher preparation time
Develops creativity and encourages composition
Can be used in class with ad hoc groups as well as individual work
Standard e-learning content and applications

Sounds like what you've been looking for?


Our Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is the framework that enables you to create, edit, organize and enhance state of the art digital teaching materials. It's a ...

A system for authors and editors of teaching materials:

  • Integrated teaching material and exercise editor
  • Support for editorial procedures
  • Compiling subject and learning material packages
  • Complex and customizable label and category system


Collections of media, exercises and teaching materials:

  • Individualized, subject specific structure
  • Thematic and subject based searching options
  • Central or individual learning material and exercise packages


Low threshold e-learning and teaching environment:

  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • Parents’, teachers’ and students’ views
  • Learning and teaching ideas assigned to different exercises, elements of learning materials, series of exercises, packages
  • Interactive white board view, Mobile view, Native mobile App

Teaching materials

Tak a look at our extensive preloaded libraries in 5 different subject areas. You can get started immediatly, or copy, edit and extend to get customized teaching material.
Visual culture
Teaching how to learn
Physical education
Reading comprehension, writing, efficient communication

Visual culture

A collection of experience based teaching materials to improve creativity for children of 6-12. 3000 images, 60 videos, 100 audios and 130 e-books.

The goal of the teaching material is to familiarize students with the system of the language and tools of visual culture, real and visual imagery, visual communication, object and environmental culture, media and the main periods of art history.


  • Complex content: curriculum, media collection, exercises
  • Integration of knowledge elements: complex art education
  • Tailor made use: teachers can make their own sets of exercises
  • Complex methodological support system

Other features

  • Media collection: 3000 images, a 60 piece selections from videos and animations, 100 pieces of music, 130 e-books and presentations
  • Collections of exercises: exercises to be used both in lessons and in extracurricular activities
  • A methodology collection with demonstrations for manual activities



Intuitive exercises to motivate listening to music with a collection of music, additional information about composers and their work, games and stories.

The goal of the teaching material is to develop the abilities necessary for understanding music in a complex way with the use of a media collection that contains.


  • Complexity
  • Presenting points of interest and the connections of the given topic to fine arts, literature and history
  • Teachers can make their own set of exercises depending on their teaching goals

Other features

  • Content: European classical music: major works of Bach, Beethoven, Pál Eszterházy, Haydn, Handel, Lully, Mozart, Purcell and Vivaldi.
  • Methodological instructions, teaching ideas and suggestions for teachers.


Teaching how to learn

The practice oriented demonstration of tools and apps that can be integrated into the learning process for children of 12-18 and their teachers on a WEB 2.0 basis.

The goal of the teaching material is to demonstrate how you can employ WEB 2.0 applications and technologies for learning-teaching purposes.


  • Introducing the content and communication directions of WEB 2.0
  • Independency of school subjects
  • Can be used both in school lessons and extracurricular activities.
  • Individual and group work in processing.
  • Demonstrates apps in connection with learning problems and typical leaning activities.

Other features

  • Modular structure, the modules can be used individually.
  • Each unit contains video based problem identification, theory, exercises and supplementary materials.
  • An activities-based approach, the participants use WEB2 apps all the time.


Reading comprehension, writing, efficient communication

A collection of exercises to develop reading skills, comprehension and communication in the mother tongue and in foreign languages. 6000 exercises of 32 different types.

The goal of the teaching material  is to support teachers’ work and to improve learning motivation with a collection of exercises that can be used both in lessons and in extracurricular activities.


  • The collection of exercises is structured along grades, skills and activities
  • The collections contains more than 6000 exercises of more than 30 types
  • Fields of activities comprise fields of reading comprehension and writing in a complex approach
  • Fields like speed reading are included a digital teaching material for the first time

Other features

  • Makes differentiated organisation of learning possible
  • Improving psychic and cognitive skills like attention, memory, creativity and logical thinking
  • Methodological suggestion to accompany the exercises


Physical education

A collection of exercises, pictures and videos, description of sports and games.

The goal of the teaching material is to help students prepare for the PE final exam.


  • Comprises the entire range of the types of exercises with the school subject PE.

Other features

  • Contains the theoretical knowledge related to the topics with video films, practical and control exercises.



GLOSSA - European language portfolio
An application to help language learning made for young people of 10-18 according to the directives of the European Council.
GYMEX - Physical education drawing app
An application to plan exercises and games for physical education and therapeutic exercises.
TALEFLOW - A process planning app
A WEB 2.0 application that supports true to life representation and sharing of processes.
OPTIO - Decision support app
A WEB 2.0 application to develop decision making and writing skill.
WEBYDOO - An app for creating images
A WEB 2.0 application to prepare simple and complicated images.


with 35 years of experience

Processing learning contents: digitalization, adaptation and updating of traditional contents and copyright management.
Designing and developing apps for learning purposes (Web, Mobile, Interactive Whiteboard, TV).
Managing the development process of standardized e-learning materials.
Making illustrations and art work for learning materials of e-learning contents.
Designing and making videos and animations.


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